Friday, April 8, 2011

Maid Maiden - Komik

                                      Today topic of the day is about = MAID MAIDEN

sehingga bulan april ni, Maid Maiden telah di kuarkn sbyak 3 edisi, iaitu:

ini edisi : MONDAY

 ini edisi: TUESDAY


ini edisi : WEDNESDAY

ooo lupa nk bg thu, komik ni da ada di psaran sjak 2009 ag tp aq mula lyan komik ni pda sem lpas huhu tu pon sal classmate aq, KAK ZILA yg mpknalkn aq dgn MAID MAIDEN ni hehe komik ni agak mhal r.. sbijik = rm7.50.. kopak woo~ tp xpe la.. mnat pnya psal.. pjam mata r haha

komik ttag a little girl named Alivia falls into the drain. Then a mysterious boy helps her out from the drain. When she wanted to thank him, he vanished. Her only clue to find him is the badge of a high profile school, Adam Gordon High School, the perfume rose scent, a mole under his right eye and the scar on his right hand.

A few years later, Alivia was accepted into Adam Gordon High School, which brings her closer to finding her 'prince', but unfortunately for her, her family declares bankruptcy. She peeked into the school from far up on the tree near the fence.

Because of her clumsiness, she falls and accidentally kisses a student who happened to sleep under the tree. As Alivia is clueless, the boy, Bennett takes the chance to take her as his girlfriend, despite Alivia's unwillingness. As the reward, Alivia can study in school for free, provided by his wealth, as he is the heir of the school.

She thought it would be a gift from the heavens , but little did she know, the most beautiful dream of finally finding her 'prince' becomes her worst nightmare..


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